Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers. We are proud that with us, you can rest assured knowing your home or business will be taken care of in an efficient manner!

Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of different types and colors on our roofs. Whether it’s due to extreme sun or just modern aesthetics — these homes need durable roofs that can withstand changing weather conditions without leaking! Here’s what you should consider when picking out your material:

Asphalt shingles to install asphalt shingles is to offer homeowners high-quality, weather-resistant and easy installation at a low price. Asphalt degrades in the sun’s UV rays; it’s more important that you choose an experienced contractor like Golden Heights Roofing who can stand up against intense sunlight with their quality workmanship!

Metal roofing is becoming more popular in California due to its superior longevity and virtually maintenance-free qualities. At Golden Heights Roof we install metal roofs that offer a top quality product with three new colors available for installation which work well against home’s color schemes, making them ideal choices among homeowners here!


It’s hard enough for roofers to install roofs in extreme weather conditions, but it becomes near impossible when they have no idea of the right timing. This is why you need an experienced professional on your side who knows what he or she needs from day one – so ask around!

The most common issues that arise on roofs are shingle damage, leaks, and punctures. These can be caused by things like tree roots or windblown debris; they make your home less comfortable in the wintertime when you’re trying to stay warm inside! When this happens it’s best not just to try fixable problems but get an expert opinion before making any permanent changes – there may still option for repairing them if we know what causes the problem already at hand.

Golden Heights Roofing is the best choice for your home and commercial roofing needs! We have a team of skilled, professional subcontractors ready to work on any project you need assistance with. With our help at this phase in construction projects can run smoothly from start-to-finish without delays or accidents thanks largely due because we’re equipped not only to offer quality services but also provide training so each member knows what he should be doing during his shift whether it’s providing leadership through managerial skills like delegating tasks among team members.

Homeowners are legally limited to two layers of roof shingles. If you already have more than this, your home will need full tear-off and if the damage is severe enough that it cannot support any weight from its current system – such as severely twisted or shot nails on an old wood shake architecture style house–it’s best for homeowners not only decide whether they want new roofs but also how much money can be saved by leaving their existing materials in place during construction rather then removing all those obstacles too!

Your home’s roof is a critical component that protects your family from the elements; therefore, it deserves to be replaced after as long of a time has passed since its original installation. The best way for you to determine when this may happen would depend on what type and materials were used during construction. However, if harsh weather or damage makes matters worse then there will usually come up sooner than expected!

If you don’t know when your roof was installed, or if there is a chance that harsh weather and damage have shortened the life of roofs be on the watch for signs like leaks; sunlight through boards; siding granules collected in gutters – these could all indicate an old structure. Your home’s value will decrease accordingly so it might become more important to invest now rather than later!

The best time to replace your roof is in the fall. Fall provides mild temperatures and consistent weather, making it easier for professionals who are busy with other appointments during this period of the year; so make sure you don’t miss out by scheduling early!

Roof Replacement for Any Season

With these pros and cons in mind for each season, the best time to place your roof is highly dependent on who’s doing it. An experienced company will know how to get around any issues that might arise due simply because they’ve been through this process before! The perfect replacement should be done during periods when you have more free hours available so meeting with our local contractors becomes easier too- Golden Heights Roofing does just what I’m looking forward too