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Most common roof repair work

Based on years of experience around the Bay area, we know the most common, issues when it comes to residential roof repair. 

Broken tiles and damaged shingles

High winds and storms as well as branches can tear or break tiles and shingles. If your roof has tiles or shingles missing, you must replace them, otherwise you are risking the integrity of your roof. 

Flashing issues

Flashing refers to the metal pieces that insulate the interior of the house. Flashing is used to drive the water away from flat surfaces. 

When water falls along the chimney or a wall, flashing is positioned at the bottom of the vertical surface, to protect the horizontal part of the roof from the pouring water. If flashing gets worn and torn, these strategic roof areas can let water seep through. 

Roof repair includes flashing replacement to protect your home from water damage. 


Gutters pool water away from the roof and direct it to the ground. If the gutters are broken, water doesn’t flow freely and it either comes back toward the roof or it seeps through the walls. 

Our Golden Heights roofers will inspect your gutters and make sure they are clean, in good condition, and well attached to the edges of the roof. 

Ventilation and airflow

Roof vents and proper ventilation in the attic are crucial for the integrity of your roof. When the attic area is humid, it will start compromising the roof structure from the inside. 

Roof vents and ventilation dehumidify the attic area and protect the roof internally. When the air vents are not working properly, our Golden Heights roofers will fix the problem, restore air circulation, and alleviate the problem. 


When your roof is leaking, it’s an obvious sign that something is very wrong. Our roofers have a solid experience in roof inspections and will find out what is causing the leak. A roof leak can be tricky, especially for someone who is not a professional. Our roofers will find the underlying cause and fix it, instead of just patching up the problem.

Our Services

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Trust Golden Heights for your roof repair

Our Golden Heights roofing specialists and engineers will inspect your Bay area home or business and pinpoint any problems they see. 

We take care of the full process, from applying for the permit with the building department to securing and protecting the surrounding area from any falling debris. 

Clear quote without hidden costs

When we quote for a roof repair, we know exactly how much it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to take. We have the experience to appraise all roofing projects and we stand by our quotes and time schedules. 

Materials and workmanship

We are a licensed contractor of “Owens Corning” – one of the leading roofing materials manufacturers in the world – and make sure to use only the best materials for your roof repair. The aim is to fix any problem and give you a good roof over your home. 

Full service

Golden Heights is a one-stop-shop roofing contractor. We take care of all roof repair work, from the beginning until we have cleaned your yard once we are finished. 

We take care of permitting and our Golden Heights roofers repair your roof according to the best industry practices. Our workers are highly trained and we constantly get new certifications on novel roofing technologies and techniques. 

We are finished only when we have cleaned your yard so that we can bring it back to the way it was before we came in.

Proven roof repair process

To maintain your roofing in pristine condition, the most important thing to do is to have it inspected by Golden Heights. As expert roofing contractors with a solid experience in any type of roof, we will examine the state of your roof and pinpoint any problems and failings that could lead to major roof issues. 

When we are called for a roof inspection and subsequent repair, our goal is to deliver reliable roofing repair service at affordable roof repair costs. Our thorough inspection will tell us whether your roof has broken tiles or damaged shingles that could result in wind damage if the flashing is torn and if your gutters must be replaced to avoid water damage from water ponding on your roof.

Golden Heights Roofing Reviews

  dave had amazing service, definitely would recommend roofing skills. would recommend 10/10

thumb Sadira G.

  A big shoutout to HADAS and his crew. They worked quickly and very effectively. They were able to complete the roofing project in just a few days. They had great workmanship and Hadas was very well communication with us. We love the new roof he did for our home

thumb Mayra V.

  John and his team were excellent to work with. They gave us the best bid by far out of the three quotes I got for a full roof replacement. John was very communicative and helpful throughout the process, and made sure that we were happy with each step. 10/10

thumb Kevin R.


When it comes to roofing, words can be confusing. Roof repair, unlike roof replacement, is when roofers repair and fix a small section of your roof. You need a roof repair when there is isolated and minor damage to a part of your roof that doesn’t affect the integrity and insulating properties of the rest of the roof. 

As honest roofing professionals, our Golden Heights technicians will tell you whether roof repairs are worth it or whether it is time to replace your roofing instead. When we know that roof repair services can extend the life of your roof and keep your home and your family safe, we will tell you so. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service and professional roofing work that results in important home improvement for you.

Roof repair involves only a small portion of the roof and deals with minor or moderate damage. Broken tiles or missing shingles, a leak that can easily be fixed without tearing the whole roof, and re-positioning the flashing are all parts of roof repair. They are small, localized repairs that help a roof perform its job. 

If the roof damage is extensive and requires a large section of the roof to be dismantled and repaired, then we are talking about a roof replacement. 

Are you wondering if you need roof repair or replacement? Call now and schedule your free consultation with a roofing expert from Golden Heights.

Your roof is protecting your home. As roofing experts, we suggest you have your roof inspected once a year, particularly after a major storm, to assess whether there is any damage you should repair. 

All types of roofing, and even a new roof, can benefit from an annual inspection. Remember that small damage can be easily repaired but if left unattended it will slowly extend and you might need to replace the whole roof in the end. Contact us today and make an appointment for your annual roofing inspection!

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