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Without gutters, water pulls around your roof or falls over the edge, damaging your yard landscape and your home’s external walls. 

Gutters are necessary to direct the water away from the building. Together, gutters and downspouts create a path for rainwater to move away from the roof and toward a standard yard location. 

Golden Heights roof specialists can install or replace gutters for your Bay Area home. Our roofers will inspect the existing gutter system and upgrade it to waterproof your home. Contact us today for information on our rain gutter installation services.

There are many gutter types, materials, and qualities. Golden Heights roofers choose only high-quality materials and gutter products with the best warranties. Our excellent workmanship means we offer the best gutter installation services that make your gutters fit perfectly with the rest of the roof system.

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Why do I need gutters for my Bay Area home?

The main purpose of a gutter system

Rain gutters direct water away from your roof, foundation, and basement. Without gutters, rainwater falls over the roof’s edge and creates puddles, right outside your entrance and the foundation of your home. 

When water keeps falling in an unpredictable pattern, it can undermine the integrity of your home foundation and endanger your home’s stability. By installing rain gutters you protect your home from water damage.

Gutters can reduce mildew and mold

Gutters lead water away from the roof, walls, windows, and other parts of your home. Since it doesn’t come into contact with the rest of your home, there are fewer chances of mildew and mold growth. 

Gutters protect your landscaping

Gutters and downspouts drive the water to a specific location in your yard to protect your patio and landscape features. If you have wooden decking and other decorative details in your yard, your rain gutter installation protects them from damage.

Types of gutters

Our roofing services include installation, repair, and maintenance of any type of gutter. There are many different gutter materials to choose from, depending on your budget and roof features. Vinyl gutters are the most common and affordable. We can also install aluminum gutters and galvanized steel gutters. Our roofers can help you find the best materials for your gutters and install any type of gutter to match your needs and home’s features. 

Gutters come in two styles: K-style, which is the most common, and U-style. You can also opt for new seamless gutters or go for less expensive sectional gutters. Finally, adding gutter guards makes your gutter system easier to clean and maintain.

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Golden Heights for your gutter installation

Golden Heights is an experienced, trusted, and reliable roofing contractor in the Bay Area, with wide local expertise and hundreds of satisfied customers. We offer gutter installation services, maintenance, gutter cleaning, and gutter repair services. Our customers praise us for our customer service and affordable prices. 

We work with the best materials from reputable manufacturers and offer extended warranties on our materials and labor. 

We dedicate to your project a manager who communicates with you and is always available for any questions. 

We provide our customers with reliable free quotes and affordable prices without hidden costs so that you can safely organize your budget when it comes to gutter installation. 

Golden Heights roofers are experienced, which is why we can finish the job within the set timeframe without any delays. Contact us for a free estimate on your gutters project, whether you need a new gutter installation or repair of your existing gutters.

Golden Heights Roofing Reviews

  John did an exceptional job finishing off my home. Would suggest to anyone looking to get into it! Definitely suggesting to my family and friends.

thumb Sonder 8.

  Recently had John from this company do some roof replacement at one of our rental homes in Concord and it was a very good pleasure to do business with him. Very honest hardworking guy. The quality of his work was well worth paying for. Thank you John! Keep up the awesome job

thumb Arnold J.

  golden heights did a great job with our new roof. we got a small leak in some of the last rains of winter last year and opted to re-do our entire roof as we were about a year or two away from needing to do the whole thing anyways. Golden Heights and our project manager John were timely in responding to our every question, professional, and cost effective (for a new roof). They handled all the permits too and got the job done very quickly, and were the best contractors we've had work on the house in terms of cleanliness, they cleaned up everything just as soon as they were done.

thumb Nikolai P.


The cost of gutter services for your Bar Area home depends on the size of the home, the material you choose, and the length of the downspouts. Two-storied homes require more lengths of downspouts than single-storied ones. Complicated and unusual roofs with heavy slopes need more labor and gutter lengths to cover the whole roof and ensure rainwater flows freely off the roof.

Golden Heights roofers can install gutters of different materials, depending on your budget, roof features, and home style. Vinyl, aluminum, steel, or copper are all durable materials that add curb appeal to your home:

  • Vinyl gutters are the most common and affordable gutter material. Vinyl doesn’t rust or corrode and is a good choice for properties next to the shoreline as salty air does not affect it.
  • Aluminum gutters are durable and lightweight. They come in a variety of colors to match your home’s color scheme. They are one of the most popular choices for seamless gutters in the Bay Area.
  • Galvanized steel gutters are durable and weather resistant. Golden Heights can paint them to match your roof.
  • Copper is the most expensive gutter material but copper gutters are highly appealing and durable at the same time.  


Call us to learn more about the best gutter material for your roof and get a free quote for your new gutter installation or for gutter replacement services.

To keep your gutters clean, call Golden Heights roofers for gutter guard installation to keep leaves and debris off your gutters. Golden Heights can also clean your gutters and remove any obstructions and ensure that water flows efficiently.

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