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Shingle roofs are the most common residential roofing options in California. They are sturdy and budget-friendly and they are easy to install. Due to their light weight, they do not require reinforced roof structures and almost any home can have one installed. 

Golden Heights is your go-to roofing company. We have the expertise, workmanship, and craftsmanship to install, repair or replace any shingle roof. We are meticulous roofing contractors and have installed hundreds of residential shingle roofs to protect homes around the Bay Area and beyond.

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Why should I choose a shingles roof for my Bay Area home?

If you need a new roof, you should know that shingle roofs are easy to install, lightweight, and relatively tough. If you need shingle roof replacement or installation for the most affordable prices and excellent workmanship, then GoldenHeightsRoofing Company is the shingle roofing contractor you need. 


Compared to tiles and slates, shingles are a more affordable and budget-friendly roofing material. They might last a little bit less than ceramic tiles or slates, but they are resilient and a good residential roofing choice. 

They come in various colors

With the newest, high-quality roofing materials, you can now match the roof color to your home style and architectural design. A roof adds curb appeal and increases a home’s resale value. Shingles can highlight your home’s elegance. 

They are energy-efficient and reduce noise

Our roofers will install an underlayment under your shingles to provide extra insulation for your attic and your home. This can reduce your home’s energy bill, while the same underlayment helps keep noises away. 

They easy and inexpensive to replace

To ensure that your roof is always at its best and protects your property, we can undertake a roof inspection for wear and tear or storm damage. 

Roof shingles are easy to replace, therefore roof repair is generally inexpensive compared to other roofing materials.  

During our yearly inspection and maintenance, we can replace any shingles that have ripped, torn, or broken and your roof will be as good as new. 


The lifespan for shingle roofs stretches between 15 to 30 years. With proper maintenance and inspection, your roof can reach the upper end of this estimate.

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Types to choose from

Aside from various colors and textures to choose from, Golden Heights Company offers different types of shingles. We work with the best manufacturers who also offer excellent warranties on their products. Contact us to find the right roofing materials for your roof!

Three-tab shingles

These are the most common and affordable in the market. They are lightweight and easy to install and they don’t require roofing reinforcement. 

Architectural shingles

Architectural shingles are thicker and heavier than three-tab ones. They offer better protection and are more resilient than standard ones. However, they cost more than conventional ones and are heavier to haul onto the roof. Their three-dimensional style is very appealing, though, and adds elegance to any home. 

Luxury asphalt shingles

At the upper end of the market, luxury asphalt shingles mimic slate tiles and look polished and upscale. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your home, these will do the trick. They are more expensive to buy and install but they last longer and have excellent properties.

Why hire Golden Heights for your shingle roof?

We offer the best warranties

We are licensed and fully insured and we offer the most comprehensive warranties and contracts in town. 

We meet your deadline

It is very frustrating for homeowners to experience delays in project completion. We promise to deliver your roof within the time frame you’ve set. 

We communicate with our customers

Our workmanship focuses on delivering the best roof for your home, according to your specifications. 

We are there for you

Our dedicated project manager is there to answer questions and help you understand the roofing process until the job is done. Our point-of-content listens to how you picture your roof and we make it a reality. 

We offer clear pricing

We promise to be clear about the pricing structure of your project, so you know what you’re paying for. There are no hidden costs for your roof and we keep to the quote we have given you. 

Hiring a shingle roofing contractor has never been easier! When you need roofing services in California, why spend hours trying to find a contractor? Simply contact us to learn more about our roofing system services and our new roof warranty for your residential or commercial roofing project. Give us a call and we’ll get started on your project right away!

Golden Heights Roofing Reviews

  I worked with golden heights roofing  for our roof which starts to leak due to the heavy rains and we had to fix it. Their project manager David is very communicative and responsive. The team is professional, they delivered high quality work on time. I definitely recommend them

thumb AmirHossein J.

  We needed to replace our old roof after the rainy winter. Golden Heights provided a competitive price with good warranty.  John responded quickly and coordinated every step throughout the project. Overall a smooth experience!

thumb Michelle P.

  My husband and I hired Golden heights roofing for our roofing remodel, after a friend who worked with the company in the past had referred and recommended them to us. We were on a tight schedule (had vacation plans) and Tamir assured us that his team will finish the roof remodel project on time. From out first meeting with Tamir he gave us all the information that we needed, starting from how long the he project would take, what is recommended materials these days and how we can save money but still get the results and professionalism that we were looking for. We liked that he cared about the small details (such as shingle colors or type of nails for each type of brand) just to meet out satisfaction. We are so happy with our new roof! We can say that the project went smooth with no delays (no rain finally!). We will definitely recommend Golden heights roofing, Tamir and his crew did an amazing job!!

thumb Arlene A.


Shingle roofs will last for well over 15 to 20 years before you see substantial roof damage. To make sure you never encounter a roof leak, you can arrange with Golden Heights for a yearly inspection and maintenance to check for torn, broken, or curled shingles and replace them. When these are replaced, your shingle roof will last longer. 

If you want to have a more lasting shingle roof, you can opt for architectural or luxury shingles, which can last 30 to 40 years. Our roofers are available to discuss with you the best roofing options for your home.

Shingles are made of a fiberglass base which acts as a mat where asphalt sits. Asphalt is the water-repellent material that makes the roof waterproof. On top of the asphalt, you find granules, which constitute the top layer you see.

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